The Author

The Author (Brief Glance at his sports CV ) : Nohad Victor Schoucair, B.A. – M.Sc Econ.

Born in Beirut in 1950, played tennis since his teenage years, and participated in a few local amateur tournaments between 1974 and 1985. Lebanese Veteran 45 singles and doubles Champion in the 90's.

Honorary Joint General Secretary of the Lebanese Tennis Federation (1986-1995) and full General Secretary (1995-2004); also, President of the Technical and Tournaments Committee (1981-1995). Davis Cup Captain 1984, Davis Cup Chief officer Lebanon 1996-2004.

Honorary Treasurer of the Lebanese National OLYMPIC Committee (1996-2004). Headed the Official national delegation to the Athens Olympics in 2004. Member of the Higher Committee of the Arab Games (Beirut 1997) + Coordinator of all executive organization sub-committees. Member of the Mediterranean Games Technology and development Committee 2002-2009.

Assiduous spectator at Brummana International tennis tournament between 1959 and 1975.

Collector of Tennis Data and Magazines since age 12.
Athens Olympics 2004
Author at Yarzeh 1980
Author in Brummana 1/4 F.1977
Author at ATCL 1978