1973 International 13th August

Men' s singles : 2nd rd : Istvan Gulyas (Hungary) d Alan Wilkinson (Leb) 64 63; Sandy Mayer (US) d A Hassan 62 64; Jan Kukal (Czech) d Adnan Jamal (Leb) 61 61; B Maud d Ahmed Ramadan (Leb) 61 62; A Daoudi (Eg) d Khodr Issa (Leb) 64 63

¼ f : Gulyas d Maud 61 75 62; Juan Gisbert (Sp) d A Daoudi (Egypt) 62 64 75;

½ f : Jan Kodes (Czech) d I Gulyas 108 86 63; J Gisbert d S Mayer 36 1513 64 63

Final : J Kodes d J Gisbert 63 108 57 61

Ladies : ¼ f : Giscafre d Linda Hochar (Leb) 60 62; Fayter d Mrs Gisbert 64 75; ½ f: Raquel Giscafre (Arg) d B Silvana Urroz (Chile) 63 60; A Palmeova (Czech) d Jackie Fayter (GB) 46 62 62;

Final : R Giscafre d Alena Palmeova 64 97

Men' s doubles : ½ : Kodes-Kukal d Daoudi- A Hassan… 63 63 62; Gulyas-Mayer d Gisbert-Maud 62 1517 63 63

Final : Kodes-Kukal d Mayer-Gulyas 26 36 64 75 75.

Mixed doubles F : Giscafre-Mayer d Fayter-Maud 64 62.

  • This was the year that Brummana hosted the reigning Wimbledon champion, the sturdy and mustachioed Jan Kodes, who had won the precious and unique trophy on grass in London less than 6 weeks earlier! But one must precise that it was the year of the great Professionnal Players 'Boycott after the Nicola Pilic affair (60 ranked palyers among which the very best of the Tour had withdrawn from the historical Championships) , and the Wimbledon draw only comprised 4 first tenners.Kodes had prevailed over the British lefty Roger Taylor and the Russian Alex Metreveli. Nevertheless, Kodes had been in the World's Top ten since 1970, winning two Roland Garros (1970-1971) when ALL the great Open pros were there, and played a remarkable US Open 1971 at Forest Hills on grass in New York, losing only the Final to Stan Smith. Kodes will also reach the final at Forest Hills- US Open 3 weeks after Brummana, losing to Ilie Nastase of Rumania, after notable victories over….Kodes will be world no 4 at the end of the year behind Nastase, John Newcombe and Stan Smith.
  • Sandy Mayer was the inventive American attacker who had ousted the favorite Ilie Nastase at Wimbledon 64 86 68 64 e few weeks before Brummana. Nastase, an artist (and a capricious character) on clay, of course, had played the finals at Wimbledon in 1972 , will do it again in 1976, and will be world no 1 at the end of the year 1973 when he took the US Open in September on grass. Sandy Mayer had also beaten Kodes at Forest Hills in 1972.

Jan Kodes
Kodes, Mss Giscafre, Gisbert with their Brumana cups