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All the documentation was assembled by Nohad Victor Schoucair, with his own personal library and souvenirs and thanks to the archives of:

L'Orient daily; (Lebanon); World Tennis Magazine (US); Brummana tournaments yearly programmes; Annahar daily (Lebanon); and a serious number of clippings from many Tennis publications in the UK,

This site is dedicated to tennis-playing members of my family who made my own passion for our noble sport rise and take huge proportions, namely my father Victor (1911-1970), my brother Rafic (1946-2009), and also to my friends Tony Saadé (1944-2009) and Assaad Andraos (1945-2012) who shared this passion on and off-court, and who were all, and ever, the perfect gentlemen in life and in sport.

My mother Hilda 's family included many Tennis players and Fans, among which are Labib Majdalany and Nadim Majdalany who reached the top ranking nationally between the two World Wars. They should be cited as pioneers of the game in the lovely Lebanon of the thirties.