Alumni club 1956 / 13th and 14th October

Day 1- Frank Sedgman (A) d Rex Hartwig (A) 119 63; Pancho Gonzales (US) d Tony Trabert (US) 61 61; Gonzales-Hartwig d Trabert-Sedgman 36 63 64

Day 2- R Hartwig d T Trabert 36 64 64; Gonzales d Sedgman 63 62; Sedgman-Hartwig split with Gonzales-Trabert 64 46; nightfall.

  • Of the 4 touring Pros who played over two days in Beirut, on the clay courts of the A.U.B. Alumni Club, 3 had been world no 1 as amateurs = Gonzales in 1948-49, Sedgman in 1951-52 and Trabert in 1954-55, before turning Pros under the management of the famous Jack Kramer, himself world no 1 in 1946.

  • President Camille Chamoun and first Lady Zelpha graced the club on the second day of the exhibition matches.

  • This was the highest level of international Tennis play Lebanon will ever experience.
The Alumni Event